About Sponfest...

Sponfest is a week-long celebration and showcase of the very best in wild and traditionally fermented food and drink from the UK and beyond, taking place across four venues in London - The King’s Arms, The Axe, The Mermaid and TT Liquor from April 16th – 22nd.

During the seven days of Sponfest you can expect some of the world’s most innovative and traditional beers, from the likes of Belgian traditionalists Cantillon, through to modern innovators like Beavertown’s Tempus Project. Exclusive dishes utilising fermented foods from exciting London restaurants such as Som Saa & Primeur, paired with rare barrel-aged beers from Wild Beer Co and The Kernel. Enjoy an afternoon at our ‘farmers’ market offering up some of the best cheeses, sourdoughs and kefir from local producers, or an introduction to natural wine with one of Norway’s most renowned black metal musicians alongside much, much more.


Spontaneous Fermentation

As nature intended. Products born from the yeast and bacteria present in the air.

The fermentation of the lambic beers of Belgium begins when the farmhouse rafters are opened to cool the freshly brewed beer, and the process continues for years afterwards as the beer sits in oak barrels which are themselves home to wild yeasts and bacteria.

The juice of natural and low-intervention wines are fermented by the yeast that lived on the grapes whilst they still clung to the vine.

And sourdough bread is leavened from yeast cultures captured from air and flour.

Humans have employed this service of Mother Nature throughout the millennia, and Sponfest is a celebration of this less controlled - but often more rewarding - process.