Som Saa at Sponfest

On the Wednesday of Sponfest, the incredible Som Saa will be sharing the kitchen with East London newcomers Shep's to bring a very special, and very limited, menu of wild fermented Asian-inspired food, all paired with beers from Wild Beer Co. 

"Som Saa is a Thai restaurant based in east London that's goal is to do everything the way it would be done in Thailand, which includes a great deal of fermenting. Historically, like the rest of the world, Thailand has used fermentation as a method of preservation, predominantly utilizing rice in lacto-fermentations. They use it for everything from booze to meat and fish. Thai fermented products are not only delicious but extremely versatile being used in almost every category of dishes across the spectrum in Thailand."

The menu will be released imminently, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for the reveal. We recommend booking well in advance for this event, you can do so via The Axe -

Som Saa are authentic to their very core, head chef Mark Dobbie shared the following about his relationship with fermented food and it's growing presence in the London scene. 
"Good chefs are inquisitive characters by nature so something like fermentation with it's broad and almost endless opportunity to learn and experiment is right up there alley. I'm a big advocate of looking back to move forwards and fermentation plays right into that tapestry of food history and current trends. Sponfest will be a load of fun and a great place for like minded folks to share stories and ideas. "

Sarika Rice