Sponfest presents: Lambic week @ The Kings Arms

As part of Sponfest 2018 The Kings Arms will be celebrating the great Belgian tradition of Lambic beer. Lambic beer has been produced in Brussels since at least 1794 and is particular to a small region southwest of the city. This is because, unlike the vast majority of beers, Lambic is spontaneously fermented with wild yeast strains found naturally in the environment. 
It's this particular mix of wild yeasts, specific to this region, coupled with an ageing process up to 3 years that give Lambic it's distinctive taste & Champagne like mouthfeel. 


Over the 7 days of Sponfest, The Kings Arms will be showcasing a variety of rare & interesting Lambics including Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Boon, Tilquin, De Cam & more.
Check out the full programme of events below;

  • Monday 16th April - Sponfest Opening Party. To celebrate the first annual Sponfest, we'll be kicking off the week by pouring the finest lambic's on keg, with beers from Cantillon, Tilquin, Girardin & Oud Beersel on all night (or until they run out...) 
  • Tuesday 17th April - Lambic by the glass. We'll be pouring 3 Fonteinens particularly excellent Intense Red Oude Kriek by the glass, a young lambic aged with 40% macerated sour cherries for 7 months. 
  • Wednesday 18th April - Cantillon Old & New. We have been lovingly ageing a keg of Cantillon's straight 2 year Lambic in our cellar since 2015 and we'll be bringing it out and putting it on tap alongside a fresh batch of Cantillon straight 2 year Lambic. It'll be a chance to taste them side by side and see how the ageing process develops the character of a Lambic.
  • Thursday 19th April - Lambic by the glass. We'll be pouring Oud Beersel Green Walnut by the glass. One of the more experimental & interesting Lambics, only available in big bottles, it'll give you a chance to try it by the glass.
  • Friday 20th April - Lambic by the glass. We'll be showcasing the excellent Lambic blender De Cam by pouring 4 of their Lambics by the glass, Nectarine, Oude Lambiek, Framboise & Kriekenlambiek. 
  • Saturday 21st April - Boon Single Vat Showcase. The single vat releases from Boon have been a great way to show the differences that can occur between each batch of Lambics & the unpredictable nature of spontaneous fermentation.  We'll be pouring Vats 104, 67 & a 2015 release of 85 on keg plus Vats 109 & 79 in bottle.
  • Sunday 22nd April - Cantillon Fou'Foune by the glass. One of Cantillons most sought after releases each year, a blend of 18 - 20 month old Lambics with Bergeron Apricots. We'll be serving it by the glass as well as by the bottle.
Sarika Rice