Fermentation Masterclass with Kylee Newton

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Sponfest are thrilled to announce an exclusive fermentation master-class with Kylee Newton. Kylee is a preserver, cook, writer and educator. She is the founder of Newton&Pott, a preserving company in the heart of Hackney, London which is dedicated to the art of making handmade small batch jams, chutney’s and pickles.

In this class you’ll learn about the health benefits of eating fermented foods, discover 'what is fermentation?' and create your very own Kimchi and Sauerkraut to take away and continue fermenting at home. 

Kylee will cover what to eat with your homemade ferments, what other vegetables you can use, give a little tasting of what to expect yours to turn out like in the end. Plus she will be teaching attendees a little about the history and take you through some troubleshooting tips for when you get home to nurture your ferments.

The course is designed to take the fear out of home fermentation, discover why it’s better to make at home than to buy and become confidence around such words as 'bacteria' and 'sterilisation'. There will be an opportunity to purchase a copy of Kylee’s book 'The Modern Preserver' to develop your preserving skills at home.
The class will start at 1pm - tickets are £30 and limited to 15 

Sarika Rice